How to Order

Ordering sprays

When ordering a spray please note that there is a minimum of 2 weeks notice required and may be longer in busy periods, but will always try to help if you require a spray on short notice.

In the first instance if you email an outline of what you are looking for, designs and prices can then be discussed. Please send any pictures of flowers and styles you like.

Please do feel to get in touch to ask any questions

Types of Sprays

Sprays can be made out of sugar, cold porcelain, paper and wafer.  Below is a little bit about what each one offers

Cold Porcelain

Cold porcelain is actually an air drying modelling clay.  All the flowers and leaves started their life as a lump a white clay!  Each petal and leaf is then cut, coloured and dusted and wired together to create beautiful realistic flowers and foliage. Cold porcelain has a lot of advantages over sugar as it very long lasting and doesn't break. Although cold porcelain isn't toxic, it's not a food safe product,  you can't place it directly on a cake. A barrier must be used such as food grade acetate, or they must positioned in such a way that the sprays don't touch the surface of the cake.  One of the lovely things about cold porcelain sprays is that they can be taken off the cake and then arranged for  a floral display of your special occasion. 

Sugar & wafer Flowers

Flowers can also be made from sugar and wafer.  The sugar flowers look as realistic as the cold porcelain, or you can choose more modern flowers. 

Wafer paper gives a really beautiful delicate look, and lends it self to large showy flowers such as peonies.  Although the flowers are made from wafer and sugar due to use of wires they are classed an an inedible product so just for decoration only.  If you require a wafer or sugar flower flower to be edible - say to put on a cupcake - please do ask.