Floral Artistry

cold porcelain Flowers

Cold porcelain flowers, leaves, rosehips, eucalyptus, vines and berries

All the flowers are handcrafted by me.  Each petal is cut, shaped, coloured and assembled.  No flower will be the same...

Sprays are available and quotations on request

Paper Blooms

Paper Gerbera

Handcrafted paper blooms, beautiful to display and can be used for bouquets and table arrangements.

Available to order and quotations on request 

Wafer Flowers

Wafer Paper blooms

Wafer flowers with each petal individually cut, dusted and coloured and assembled.  Stunning on cakes 

Individual blooms to order or complete sprays to order

Art work

Monogram letter with cold porcelain flowers

Monogram Letters with handcrafted cold porcelain flowers and gold leaf, on a water colour background

Perfect as a special gift, available only to order