A little about cakes....

Being a floral artist main main speciality as you can probably guess are flowers!   I make my blooms out of many mediums and  they are used in many different applications .

Because of this my cakes now are mainly either full faux cakes or cake decorating service as I dedicate all my time to the flowers and not the baking.

I do have beautiful faux cakes to hire - so you can have the look of a beautiful cake that would be a very high price at the fraction of the cost, The designs are set but will try and accommodate by changing the ribbon. 

The cake decorating service again is an excellent option for either plain iced cake orders from reputable shops such as Marks & Spencer or Waitrose.  These are ready iced and I can then add lace, flowers and your cake is turned into something beautiful, and is very a cost effective way.  Alternatively bring your own bakes in to be iced and decorated.

Finally  another option would be order a completely faux or dummy cake.  Why would you want to do this?  Dummy cakes are exactly the same as real cakes but with a few advantages...

You can have a completely bespoke cake which is yours to keep. 

The cake will sit out quite happily on display for the whole of the day and evening for your guests to enjoy to look at, no buttercream cakes melting in the heat!  Often cakes have to be cut and served quickly because of the shelf life and your evening guests never get to see it.  

Another fantastic advantage of a faux cake is that you can have the sprays made out of cold porcelain.  Click here to see examples. Because these flowers are forever lasting, why pay for a sugar spray when you can have a lasting moment of your day?

You can easily 'cut' into the base tier for photographs.

Faux cakes are great to take with you for weddings away from home in their safe sturdy transportation boxes.

But what are your guests served? Beautiful fresh cutting cakes.  Because the cakes haven't had to be baked ahead of time, sometimes days,  to allow for the decorating, your cutting cakes are fresh. Also your  cutting cakes can have fillings that need to be refrigerated like fresh cream and cream cheese which is difficult with a cake is on display for a long time. I have had couples order a dummy wedding cake and have fresh cream cutting cakes to serve more as a dessert option.

Where to get the cutting cakes? 

Again Marks & Spencer and Waitrose sell lovely cutting cakes to order or family members can bake them.  I will be able to give you sizes and portion guides.

In all cases your cake will be boxed and ready for collection and transportation.

And if you look at the cakes in my gallery almost all of them are faux cakes and the bride & groom opted for cutting cakes for their guests!

One final point, bring the flowers back in and I will arrange all the flowers into a spray for as part of cake cost. (not for hired cakes)

Flower sprays

Flower sprays for your cake can be ordered.  Whether it is a single tier or sprays for a three tier cake.  All flowers are handcrafted by me, I do not buy any of my blooms in, I can make a very wide range of flowers and they can co-ordinate with the bouquets.  Please click here for more details


decorating service


Love to bake but not decorate? 

 A full decorating service is available.  You cake will be iced, assemblesd, decorated with beautiful flowers, boxed and ready for you to collect.  This service is available for all occasions but only for floral based cakes as regret no theme cakes catered for

There are excellent ranges of cakes to order ready iced from Marks & Spencer and Waitrose, just bring them in and I will decorate them

 Quotations are based on style and 

size of cake

cake hire


Cake hire is a perfect way to get the cake that you want for your event at the fraction of the cost

Faux or dummy cakes look exactly like a real cake.  They are iced and decorated the same, the only difference being that instead of a real cake under the icing it is a dummy base.

Cake hire is also perfect for photographers and photo shoots